The Music

I began my musical journey at the age of 6 with the guidance of my parents. I am a pianist who has performed at several international theaters, interpreting the works of esteemed composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Albéniz, Rachmaninoff, Joplin, Morton, and other luminaries. Since 1996, I have been passionate about creating and crafting musical compositions, and my passion for it has grown daily since then.

You will find music for


Escenas Ecuatorianas

These compositions adhere to the rich Andean tradition of evoking joy through melancholic melodies. They are crafted in a traditional song structure, skillfully interweaving an academic musical language with hints of classicism.

The orchestral pieces seamlessly blend elements of European music with the nostalgic ambiance of Andean colonial influences, faithfully recreating the enchanting soundscapes of traditional village bands.

Pasillos for Piano

My Ecuatorian-style piano music is a reinvention of the traditional elements to be more introverted, more me. My life story is represented in this collection

Pasillos for Orchestra

I create Ecuadorian orchestral music that internalizes folk music. The orchestra is the best way to express deep emotions or the experiences of individuals or groups. My pasillos have knowledge, artistry, technique and heart.


Musicum Memorias

This is my comprehensive catalog, encompassing a diverse range of music styles, including Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary. The collections stand as the culmination of over 25 years of my dedicated experience as a musician, fueled by extensive study and research.

Each of these works serves a distinct purpose and exudes a profound sense of meaning, symbolizing the most tangible expression of the significant moments in my life.

The Fugues

My fugues embody the essence of my compositional technique. Crafting this type of music is a profound passion of mine as it presents a captivating challenge, involving meticulous adherence to rules, intricate forms, strategic development, and a discerning sense of taste.

The Sonatas

My sonatas are an example of the piano music I love to write. They are the result of inspiration, technique, instrument knowledge and creativity.

The Concertos

My piano concertos serve as a demonstration of my proficiency in composing and accentuating timbres, colors, and textures of the instruments throughout the interplay between the soloist and the orchestra. They are also the result of careful planning and meticulous musical design, aimed at effectively conveying narratives.

The Symphonies

My symphonic music represents the concrete manifestation of my creative capability. Some movements exude tenderness, while others exquisitely refined or tempestuous; yet, together, they maintain a harmonious balance that pleases the senses.

Orchestral Works

In this section, I include all the works for various types and sizes of orchestra. These compositions are a manifestation of my curiosity to write music that expresses emotions, captures moments, or discovers new hues that bring joy to the human soul.

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