My artistic side

The Music

I began in music at 6 with my parent's help. As a pianist, I have performed in many international theaters works by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Albéniz, Rachmaninoff, Joplin, Morton, and other great composers. I am passionate about musical composition, creations and works I have been doing since 1996.

These compositions follow the Andean tradition of making the soul happy with sad music. They are composed in a traditional song structure with an academic musical language plus some classicism spices.

The orchestral compositions combine elements of European music and Andean colonial feeling. They reproduce the sound effects of traditional village bands.

Escenas Ecuatorianas

Jorge Luis Valverde-Bartlett

Pasillos for Piano

My Ecuatorian-style piano music is a reinvention of the traditional elements to be more introverted, more me. My life story is represented in this collection.
Jorge Luis Valverde-Bartlett

Pasillos for Orchestra

My orchestral music is always an experiment to achieve equilibrium between melody, harmony, and texture. The rhythms must be part of the mixture that pleases the soul.

Musicum Memoria

This is my catalog includes music in baroque, classical, romantic, and contemporary styles.

The collections are the result of my study and research in more than 25 years of experience as a musician; Furthermore, each of the works has a purpose and a sense of being: they are the most concrete expression of the signifier of each important moment in my life.

Jorge Luis Valverde-Bartlett

The Sonatas

My piano sonatas are the best examples of music I love to write. Simple melodies (themes), logical structures, tense moments, and grand finales are some of the elements to tell stories.

Jorge Luis Valverde-Bartlett

The Fugues

My fugues are the expression of my compositional technique. I love making this type of music because it’s a challenge that involves rules, forms, strategic development, and taste.
Jorge Luis Valverde-Bartlett

The Symphonies

My symphonic music is the concrete manifestation of my creative capability, some movements are loving, others refined and others tempestuous; however, together they maintain a balance that pleases the senses.

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