Symphony No.1 in C Major

About this work

This piece is very close to my heart as it blends the beauty of classical European music with the vibrant and lively traditional Andean feeling. The symphony takes inspiration from the stunning city of Quito, Ecuador, where I was born. It was an incredible experience to combine these diverse elements and create a fusion of two different styles of music.

The first movement, a slow Allegro, is a march that evokes colonial times with a nice mixture of marching band music and some traditional rhythms in its blood. The second movement is a slow “Aire Típico” with specially-treated harmonies reflecting indigenous culture. The third and tempest movement is a fast “Pasillo” that makes the heartbeat go up like a lively dance with a little paused section in a Cachullapi (local music genre) style. Finally, the fourth movement is a Capishca, a modern and very tonal dance that invites you to jump into the traditional street dances at city festivals.

Mvt. I. -Allegro
Mvt. II. - Andante
Mvt. III. - Minueto y Trío
Mvt. IV. - Allegro Finale

The Collection

My symphonic music represents the concrete manifestation of my creative capability. Some movements exude tenderness, while others exquisitely refined or tempestuous; yet, together, they maintain a harmonious balance that pleases the senses.

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