The Knowledge

My professional side responds to more than 15 years of experience in Design, Branding and Marketing applied to small and medium-sized companies. I have worked for large and global companies that gave me the intelligence to support and lead entrepreneurs.

In this section you will find


Design’s Valuable Influence

When you get your hands dirty to do something, you're not designing; when you plan how to get your hands dirty, you are!

El Concepto de Branding

Creo mucho en la atracción y para mí, la mejor estrategia de marketing es el branding. Construye valor y tendrás adeptos, sólo vende y tendrás compradores.

The Marketing Concept

What is behind exchanging goods? Not only money but also moments and feelings. There lives the concept of Marketing.

The Branding Concept

I strongly believe in attraction, and the best marketing strategy is Branding. Build value, and you will have followers; only sell, and you will have buyers.

Estrategias de Negociación es una lucha contra el cliente mas bien hay que guiarlo y conducirlo por el camino que queremos que siga...

Las Creatividades

¿Hay niveles de creatividad? Sí y copiar es el primero...

El Concepto de Marketing

¿Qué hay detrás de intercambiar bienes? No sólo dinero, sino también momentos y sentimientos. Ahí vive el concepto de Marketing

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