I am Jorge.

Strategist, Composer & Educator

As Chief Marketing Officer at Terratino Incorporated based in Dallas, Texas,

I help small businesses and brands scale their structures through design thinking.

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Consulting, Masterclasses & One-on-one Coaching

Strategic Marketing

I build holistic marketing plans with different corporate areas and departments to go to market with a powerful message that helps brands be where they need to be.

Strategic Branding

I develop a brand’s personality aligning the position that the company wants to have in the market with the consumer’s desire, helping them to create valuable businesses.

Design & Innovation

I plan and predict business scenarios to suggest evolutive programs, according to the size of the idea, the capital, and the operating capacity; that drive growth through design thinking.

Business Organization & Scalling

I organize or reorganize the corporate areas or departments with a human-intelligent vision, supported by technology, to enhance production and improve staff synergy resulting in better processes.


Music Composition & Piano Performance

Piano Music

My piano music is the work I love the most, not only for its versatility but for its expressiveness that can touch the deepest part of the human soul. For me, it all starts there, at the piano.

Pipe Organ Music

The pipe organ is the instrument I respect the most. The technique and the incredible quantity of practice hours required to achieve an exquisite performance are simply art.

Orchestral Music

My orchestral music is neo-classical. It is a continuous exploration of rhythms, melodies, textures, colors, and nuances with the same passion as my piano music.

Ecuadorian Style Music

This music follows the Andean tradition of making the soul happy with sad music. They are composed in traditional structures with an academic musical language.


Illustration, Visual Art & Creative Concept Development


It is a series of imaginary projections that look for mental failures.

Lex Natura

It is a collection of captured moments in nature that exemplifies the importance of thinking in addition to brute force.


It is a hyperbolic series of little stories representing the optimistic spirit of emotional situations.


It is a series of illustrations that shows the forms distortion from the sound vibration.
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