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The Theory

The Marketing Concept

What is behind exchanging goods? Not only money but also moments and feelings. There lives the concept of Marketing.

Marketing is about the company’s ability to understand customers. It is purpose lies in dealing with their requirements, solving them, and making a profit. Here the concept of profitability is born.

No business gets very far without meeting the needs of those with a financial interest in it, creditors and employees; and these last only progress when customers remain satisfied. The marketing’s fundamental point is to solve those customers’ needs better than competitors and make them feel the real value they are obtaining in that interaction.

Marketing is the administrative synergy of the strategies that study the behavior of the market, verify the needs of its audiences, and commercially manage the interactions of a client with a company.

Something that helps me organize a company is to clarify, to the stakeholders, from the planning phase that the marketing concept can refer to a description of a position or a corporate/collaborative area, to the activities of the company for commercial purposes, or a business approach.

Marketing as an organizational function

Marketing in recent years has become one of the management buzzwords and has taken it away from its meaning, a classic example of this is…

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